Web Authoring Trials

Oxygen Web Author (admin: admin) Commercial Extensible Web Authoring for "end users". Quite expensive, but great integration with many solutions (Acrolynx, Sharepoint, Alfresco, LanguageTool, etc.)
Stilo Authorbridge Editor (Johannes.Ahlmann: T1qKDL0Z) Commercial Web Editor
FontoXML Editor Commercial Web Editor

Document Conversion

w2x Commercial XMLMind word to dita conversion
word2dita Open Source dita4publishers word to dita conversion
documize conversion Open Source Documize word to html conversion. Converts to HTML, so not as useful as other two solutions
xmldirector conversion?


Alfresco CMS/ DMS (alfresco: alfresco) Community Edition Supports CMIS sharepoint protocol implemented by many authoring tools
Nuxeo CMS / DMS (Administrator: Administrator) Community Edition Drop-in(?) alternative to Alfresco
Documize Trial ( Resilience2019) Team Edition available
XMLDirector (demo: demo) Open Source Not maintained for a while, a bit hobby-ish, but some interesting ideas.